Photo courtesy Marguerite Casillas

Welcome to my website.

I was born and raised in the southernmost city of Peru and arrived in San Francisco as a teenager. Something big was lost in the transition. Something equally monumental was gained. There was a time when I thought I would never be able to write in any language but Spanish. Now I write mostly in English and can’t fathom living without Portuguese.

I like to think that I came to San Francisco to find out who I am. For the same reason, I also left many times with the intention of never coming back, which is probably why everything I write has to do with the constant ebb and flow of feeling not quite at home (at home), with crossing borders because life has to be better on the other side and often discovering that even when you stay put the border moves on.

I also like to think that my specialty is the tragicomedy because there is nothing funnier than unhappiness --and I like to laugh, usually at my own expense. Besides, of all borders, I find the one dividing tragedy from comedy, as if they were never meant to be together, simply irresistible.